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Installation and Licensing

Chronolator exploits the programming features already built in to Microsoft Word™, and will therefore run wherever Word is installed. There is usually no need to involve your IT department, nor those of any of the agencies to whom you might want to send Chronology Documents.

Chronolator is licensed software. You can evaluate its features without having a licence, but the Chronologies it creates include a watermark on every page. If you do not want these watermarks to appear, you must purchase a licence for the Online Workbench. Please see the Licensing page for more details.


The Online Workbench is used to create Chronology Documents in which agencies enter their data.

Installing and Licensing the Online Workbench

  1. Go to the Download complete package or the Download ChronologySetup page;
  2. Follow the instructions on the page you chose;
  3. If you have a licence, copy it into the ChronologySetup folder.

'Installing' and Licensing a Chronology Document

The Chronolator software and licence are held internally in the document. No action is required apart from ensuring that macros can run.

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