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Chronolator is licensed software. You can evaluate its features without having a licence, but the number of events you can process is limited. If you want to remove those limits, you must purchase a Licence.

A licence also entitles you to comprehensive free support by telephone and email, and to occasional training at minimal cost.


The Chronolator Define tool is used to create Chronology Documents in which agencies enter their data. Single Case Licences apply to Chronology Documents created by Berrick Computing for customers who do not anticipate regular use of Chronolator and who do not require the flexibility provided by Chronolator Define.

How licences work

A Chronolator Define licence resides in your Web Browser.

Chronology Document licences are held internally, being put there by Chronolator Define when they are created.

How long does a licence last?

Chronolator Define and Single Case licences are valid for a period agreed on purchase.

Chronology Documents are licensed for up to 6 months from the day they are created, subject to a maximum of 1 month after the Chronolator Define licence expires.

What happens when a licence expires?

When a licence expires, you will be prompted to install a new one when opening the tool or document. The tools continue to function, but with some limitations:

  • Most tools open in 'Read Only' mode, in which you cannot add or change events in the chronology. If you do not wish to install a new licence, it is still possible to export the complete chronology to another program using JSON.
  • In the Chronolator Define tool, it is not possible to create a licensed document.

Review deadlines can sometimes slip, so Chronology Document licences can be extended by using the Chronolator Define tool.

What does a licence cost?

The cost of a licence is easily recouped by the time Chronolator saves.

Please email for current prices.

How do I install a licence?

Please see the Help in one of the Chronolator Browser Tools, for example in the Define tool.

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